President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania

President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania

By Cyrus Kioko

Kenya and Tanzania have agreed to scale up corporation in war against terror, drunk trafficking and poaching in a move to boost economies in the two countries.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and President Jakaya Kikwete who held bilateral talks in state house in Nairobi have formed commitment of the two countries in fight of the vices.

The two Presidents also agreed to make stronger ties in trade and economic development policies.

The Presidents discussed more on issues affecting the welfare of the countries during the first day of Kikwete’s three days state visit to Kenya.

In fight against terror, President Uhuru said they have to continue addressing the propelling factors which include children and youth radicalization.

He cited that providing jobs, promoting education and ensuring equity in resource allocation and public participation for the youths are some of initiatives to eliminate terrorism.

“We have to keep on sensitizing our people on how to cur terror so as to see that our children and youths are not radicalized,” said Uhuru.

Supporting the same sentiments, President Kikwete said that unity among the two countries would boost fight against terror phenomena majorly poaching, which has highly affected Eastern Africa.

In addressing economic development strategies, Tanzania’s President said the two will work together to have the high linking the two countries made.

“The President of Kenya used to tell me that he will take 14 hours from Voi to state house in Tanzania. I know if the highway is complete, one will only be taking two and half hours,” said President Kikwete.

He said that the completion of the road will be a great move towards economic development of the two countries in relation to transportation of goods.

While addressing trade on the two eastern Africa countries, President Uhuru said people from the two countries are the same and do not understand of any difference due to be boarder division.

He explained that both people from Tanzania and Kenya have highly interacted socially and economically hence its only the governments to chip in and enhance the bond for development benefits.

“Our people don’t have any difference. We only need to come in as government to help in achieving smooth interaction hence enhance trade between the two communities,” said Mr. Kenyatta.

Tanzanian’s President visit to Kenya comes few days as before his term ends as the country is expected to hold general elections in 20 days time.