Ride-hailing company little is set to start a pilot test of electric bikes in Kenya in a bid to accelerate electric vehicle adoption.

Starting this week, the company has made available an estimated 200 bikes and scooters across Nairobi via its ride-hailing platforms as it tests demand for e-mobility.

Speaking on the launch, Little Chief Executive Officer Kamal Budhabhatti said, ” This is a learning process. We want to learn from the experience before rolling out the service to the rest of the country”.

The e-bikes will initially be rented out directly from the firm before it establishes designated spots around Nairobi for deployment. The bikes have a range of upti 65 kilometres on a single charge while the motor asisted vehicle can reach a speed of up to 25 kilometres per hour.

Little hopes the number of motor-assisted vehicles can grow up to 10,000 on its platforms with the positive uptake experienced in Kenya. The company also hopes to open its arms to other stakeholders so they can have more assets on board.

“We are a satellite company and only own assets in the pilot stage. We will be opening up the market so investors can purchase e-bikes and place them on our platform,” added Mr Budhabhatti.