By Kenya Monitor Contributor

It’s no secret that most Kenyans don’t like their Members of Parliament. Their constant bickering, unwarranted salary hikes, corruption and chronic absenteeism means that there is precious little affection to go around for MPs. It appears some Kenyans have taken this loathing to a whole new and deadly depth.

A Facebook post by Nation FM revealing a plot by 12 Al Shabaab agents to blow up the Kenyan parliament has attracted a cheerful chorus of comments begging the Somali terror group to go right ahead with its plans.

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Even when calmer heads tried to prevail they were shouted down

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Kenyans on social media are of course known for their “out-there” sense of humour. Indeed some of these comments might just be innocent attempts to get a cheap laugh from a stranger. But the tone of most of the comments is such that it’s worth considering if indeed some Kenyans feel MPs are ripe to be slaughtered en masse by one of the most bloodthirsty terror groups on the planet.

Most worryingly, though, these comments give comfort and encouragement to Al Shabaab. If parliament wasn’t on its lists of targets after those posts it surely must be because, like Westgate, it’s a high profile target certain to attract the attention of the international media and, like Lamu and Mandera, it has the potential to divide Kenyans along tribal and religious lines.

Hopefully these comments have caught the attention of MPs too. They deserve a share of the blame for this sorry situation. That Kenyans have resorted to daydreaming of their deaths at the hands of Al Shabaab is sign if ever there was one that they need to mend their ways. Like Al Shabaab the MPs have subjected Kenyans to their own brand of terror courtesy of their incompetence (hat tip David Ndii), shortsightedness and greed. The effects of their terror might be less catastrophic but it’s just as harmful.