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Recruitment firms stand to lose out should a Bill by Hon. Johnson Sakaja be actualized. The National Youth Employment Authority (NYEA) Bill 2015, seeks to create an authority where any job seeker can upload their details and institutions looking to hire, both public and private can access it. The platform will be availed for free, while the institutions hiring will also not pay a cent, but even be offered incentives, especially private companies, for using the authority as their first option when recruiting.

The Bill that is still at a nascent stage, has attracted diverse views. Some are arguing that it is very idealistic, while others insisting that there is no need to create such an institution as one can amend laws on the current institutions in the Ministry of Labor like the Labor Institutions Act 2007.





  One of the first concerns already expressed with the Bill is the perception, informed by the use of the word ‘youth’, that it will lock out people above the age of 36. It is however not the case and Sakaja also explained that using youth is fore emphasis purposes.  

  Mzalendo, a parliamentary watch institution did an interview with Hon. Sakaja where he shares his thoughts that informed the Bill and hopes that it will be actualized.


    The legislator is also seeking for more input from the public to ensure that once the law is enacted, it takes on board robust views.

As Kenyans continue to debate the Bill, recruitment firms will also be strategizing on how to engage on it. The Bill essentially creates a one-stop-shop for those seeking jobs for free. By providing this service, where both the potential employees and employers do not incur costs, including international jobs, recruitment firms have a reason to worry as they charge for this service to either or both parties.