Cartoon on prostitution

One of the cartoons on prostitution to be exhibited at the Saturday launch (Photo/Kioko)

Nakuru County has its own share of the fame that comes with prostitution. Like Nairobi it also has a ‘K Street’ – which is some sort of an informal designated region for prostitution. It is called Kanu Street and it is down town along a road that branches as you head to the Lake Nakuru National Park.

But there are also other ‘designated’ regions within the CBD (central business district) where those in the trade sell their ‘wares’ on a 24/7 basis. This is a known fact and it does not need the eye of a spy to spot the traders.

It therefore did not come as surprise when cartoonists trained by KATUNI, a Jukumu Letu campaign partner picked prostitution as one of the ills they wanted citizens to see and perhaps laugh about as they reflect on how to deal with it.

The cartoons will exhibited today during the launch of the initiative that seeks to encourage citizens to be more vigilant on the process of devolution show prostitution as a vice that is so entrenched in the society that it has a ‘formal price list for its products’.

Cartoon on prostitution negotiation

The cartoons seek to stir debate on social ills bedeviling the county (Photo/Kioko).

The cartoons also expose unemployment and the ripple effects it has on society such as rising incidences of crime sometimes even at the full glare of security officers.

Cartoon on unemplyment

Cartoon on ngeta nesr a police manThe cartoons also show the vice of drug abuse, especially among the youth.

Cartoon on drug injection

A cartoon on drug injection. Drug abuse has been identified as one of the challenges affecting the youth in the county (Photo/Kioko).

Cartoon Alcoholism

Alcoholism has also been identified as common among the youth (Photo/Kioko).

The cartoonists have also gone out of the box to stir the debate that street children have rights too and that they should ask the government to address their issues.

Cartoon on street children asking for rights

This cartoon calls for street children to ask for their rights. It will also be exhibited at the launch (Photo/Kioko).

All these issues are real in the county that was once fated as the cleanest in the east African region and most recently as the fastest growing in the Africa.