Armed soldiers outside Garissa University (

Armed soldiers outside Garissa University (

Following the recent horrific terror attack that took place in the Garissa University College that shocked the entire world, we talked to a few students in Mombasa to get an opinion of the aftermath of the attack on their fellow comrades who died by the hands of terrorists. Most of the students are still in solidarity with the families of the 147 souls that perished on that dark day.

“The government has a part to share in the blame for all those lost lives. If it was true that they had received intelligence about the imminent attack, they should have prevented it. The blood of all those students is on their hands,” said Mutuma

Kimori, a 4th year student had this to say

“it is unfortunate that Kenya lost all those students who could have helped in the development of this country.”

When asked if the remaining students should go back, he added

“No. I don’t think any of them will agree to go back. Not until the government fixes the Somali border and the Al-Shabaab group is forever dismantled. Then maybe, just maybe they will rethink about going back.”

When asked if the government has done enough to ensure that these terror attacks don’t happen again, Makau, a 2nd year student, said

“the government has tried but they’re still far from eradicating terrorism. They should first start with condemning radicalization of youth. Unemployment is the reason most of these young men will join militant groups. If the government can create jobs for people here then I think that will be a major step towards peace.”

Most of the students interviewed are still hurt and bitter that the government allowed such a cowardly act to take place in our own country. They condemned the police and the task forces that took so long to respond. Wanjala, a third year student, said

“If only that Recce squad had arrived earlier, perhaps we could have dealt with those terrorists and rescued many lives. I blame our police for being late and also being ill trained on matters pertaining terrorism because they seem clueless each time we are attacked.”

All the students we spoke to are apprehensive about the security in their campuses within Mombasa Island. They feel that the institutions are in danger especially because Mombasa has become a hotbed of youth radicalisation. According to them, the security has not been beefed up to a satisfactory level in and around campuses since the Garissa attacks and institutions of learning in Mombasa are still soft targets.

Furthermore, news about the closure of Garissa Medical Training College this week after failure by the government to provide adequate security does not inspire confidence in the students.