Peiople Living With Disabilities Photo:Google

People Living With Disabilities

People Living with Disabilities (PWDs) in Makueni county have a reason to celebrate after the County Government set aside Sh40M in the 2015/2016 budget for their support.

Out of the total allocation Sh25M will be used for the construction of a rehabilitation center while Sh10M and an additional Sh5M will be used for general support and empowerment of the PWDS respectively.

Representative of PWDs at the County Assembly Gideon Mwango (nominated) lauded the initiative to put up the rehabilitation center saying that it will be a multipurpose institution that will offer both vocational training and psycho-social support to PWDs.

The MCA called on the disabled to utilize the center once it is constructed and gain skills that can make them self-reliant.

“PWDs need to engage in income generating activities for economic independence and stop begging,” he said.

Mwango who is visually impaired, said with the devolved systems of governance, county governments had no option but to uphold the rights of PWDs as envisaged in the constitution.

“The disabled had been marginalized for long but the current constitution guarantees us equal rights that should be actualized,” said Mwango

Catherine Mueni extolled the efforts done by the Makueni County Government in a bid to empower PWDs. Mueni who is physically handicapped and operates a salon at Kathonzweni market exuded confidence that the disabled will benefit from the rehabilitation center to uplift their social economic status.

She called on parents with disabled children not to hide them but instead expose them to the world and educate them to secure their future.

“I thank my parents for accepting and educating me. I would never be here today were it not for their commitment in educating me. I wish parents with children like me could emulate them,” she said.