The 6th Global Entrepreneurship Summit happening in Nairobi Kenya on 25th & 26th July 2015

Kenya is on the international spotlight due to the upcoming Global Entrepreneurship Summit taking place next week  from 25-26th July in Nairobi. Kenya is the only country in Sub-Saharan Africa and the 2nd in Africa to host   the Global Entrepreneurship Summit which shall be graced the United States president, Barack Obama.

Why Kenya was the best choice to host GES 2015
During the last GES in Morocco, the decision was made to hold the next summit in Sub-Saharan Africa.  As the US Abassador disclosed following the announcement, Kenya was picked unanimously due to the many exciting innovations and the palpable spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth.

The Media Coverage of the upcoming Summit

There has been growing concerns by a cross sections of Kenyans online with many not sure exactly why Obama was coming into Kenya. Many Kenyans especially those who only rely on radio, TV and newspapers for information have assumed that he is just coming for a home visit as his father hails from the western side of Kenya.

The Kenyans who know about GES have expressed their concern and frustration at the failure of Kenyan media houses to provide releavant information regarding the Summit and instead, focusing on ‘side shows’ such as whether the US president will spend the night, whether he will go the Mara, arrival of his motorcade and other not so important details that are removing the spotlight from what Kenyans need to be informed.

Kenya’s innovation and entrepreneurship spirit has been hailed mostly in international media with lots of articles appearing in publications such as the Forbes magazine, Times and Fast Company and Successful Kenyan Startups  getting featured on CNN and BBC  among others. Many of these startups and tech companies, some of which will be showcasing at the two day summit have not received any coverage on any of the Kenyan media. Instead, talk shows discussing the planned protests by anti-gay groups have become the order of the day and the Entrepreneurship agenda of the Summit is no longer clear.

The Kenyan Government team in charge of the summit recently launched the Choose Kenya a website for  the GES summit that has instead decided to focus on tourism.

It is still not clear how the entrepreneurs or the country will benefit from this summit as pre- summit forums and preparations were not done adequately.