Photo courtesy of Royal Media Services

Photo courtesy of Royal Media Services

President Uhuru Kenyatta

“The people of Kenya are truly proud to welcome you to the world’s most diverse continent, the cradle of Mankind.”

“Tell the world what you’ve seen in Kenya. Let them know that Africa is open and ready for business.”

“The key insight is to see that we are at the beginning of a great journey. It’s one that we invite you to join us.”

“This country, this continent, does not claim perfection – but we can claim progress.”

“Gone are the days when the only lens to view our continent was one of despair and indignity.”

“Africa is the world’s newest and most promising frontier of limitless opportunity.”

“As large parts of the world age, Africa grows younger by the day. The youthful sons and daughters of Africa are our incredible resource.”

“Africa’s relationship with the rest of the world must be premised on mutual benefit.”

“Kenya is aligned to neither East nor West; we are, firmly and irreversibly, aligned to progress.”

“If Kenya is a hotbed, it is a hotbed of entrepreneurs, a hotbed of positive zeal and energy.”

“We see, as clearly as anyone that true opportunity demands the respect for human dignity, fundamental rights & protection of democratic ideals.”


President Barack Obama 

“I’m proud to be the first US President to visit Kenya.”

“I want to be here because Africa is on the move. Growth is good for all us. Kenya is leading the way!”

“You don’t have to have a certain last name or walk a certain way to have a good idea.”

“Women are powerhouse entrepreneurs. When women succeed, they invest more in their families and communities.”

“The good news is that it’s not just me who sees the promise of Africa.Everyone does.”

“If half of your team is not playing, you have a problem. In many countries, half of the the team is women and youth.”

“Africa is on the move.”

“One of the advantages of this technological revolution is that it can be tailored for different markets & situations.”

“We have to invest in human capital.”

“We should create an enabling environment that allows our young people to resolve perennial problems that we face.”

“I believe that you have the drive and the passion to change the world. And I want to be part of that process.”