Participants during the workshop on youth and democracy in Kwale County.

Participants during the workshop on youth and democracy in Kwale County.

By Asha Kadura Bakari

After attending a training on youth and democracy organized by the Institute of Education Democracy (IED), some feedback on how they took their lessons to their community from a Kwale County participant is below.

The objectives were:

  • To find out whether the youths are aware about democracy and devolution.
  • To establish good foundation for the youths in governance and their participation in their county.
  • To identify the problems facing the youths and their possible solutions in governance.

In order to achieve the set objectives of the report, the following data collection methods were used for fact findings:

  • I prepared questionnaires and gave them to the audience so that I could get the feedback. The questionnaires were based on the topic devolution and democracy.
  • Grouping /sorting – I grouped the members based on the questionnaires; feedback, those with relating answers I grouped them together for knowing the percentage population of youths that they represent at the county level, this helped to know how relevant devolution is to the youths.
  • Presentation – I made oral presentation to the audience as I used the questionnaires, feedback as the guiding tool in my presentation.
  • Open discussion – lastly, I engaged my audience in open discussion as they asked questions and I answer them.


To the group that I talked to, I found out that they did not know their rights as youths and they could participate in governance issues. They appreciated and I told them that I would encourage the county government not to forget people from such areas since they are also youths from Kwale County.


They recommended that I organize for them to meet with the county officials together with the youth representative in the parliament so that they could share their problems as youths.


From my recommendations I conclude that; the county government has not satisfied all the youths in all the parts of the county especially when it comes to; leadership and governance.

As a youth ambassador, it is my responsibility to help and raise the voice of the youths in my county.