Embattled Devolution CS Anne Waiguru has issued a statement on the ongoing corruption allegations against her ministry.

In what has been a sustained push for transparency by Kenyans from all walks of life, Waiguru has made yet another proclamation that she is in no way involved in corrupt dealings at her ministry.

In the statement issued on Wednesday, Waiguru said,

“The last three months have witnessed incessant media attacks on my character on the issue of corruption in the Ministry of Devolution and its agencies including the NYS. What is shocking is the deliberate refusal to recognize my role as a CS and that of officers who are either accounting officers or AIE holders in Govt Depts,” said the statement.

It continued,

“Both by law and in practice, I do not procure. I do not purchase anything for the ministry. I don’t sign or negotiate contracts. Where instances of possible malpractice has been brought to my attention I have called in investigative authorities. At no point has any investigation either by EACC, CID or any other body pointed to my personal engagement with corrupt deals.”

Waiguru maintains that the push for transparency in accounting for the billions in her ministry are misguided attacks on her person.

The statement adds,

“…Yet the vicious unwarranted attacks continue. It’s amazing that whereas there are similar and more serious allegations of misuse of funds in many government departments there is never the personalized level of attack on CSs that has been directed at me. Surely this is no longer about the fight against corruption. It’s calculated evil, vindictive and ill intentioned.”

The statement concludes,

“It’s an unfortunate distraction from the work the Ministry has been doing in the last two years. I will continue to serve my country diligently as I have always done for as long as I am given the trust to do so. And for the record I have no such TV screen or piano in my office. God bless Kenya.”

The voters have also not been left behind. They have been advised to vote wisely to avoid such occurences in future.

The statement has attracted thousands of comments on her Facebook page with some supporting her while others push her to resign.




A screenshot of the comments. They were given after the CS issued the statement.

A screenshot of the comments. They were given after the CS issued the statement.

From the mood of the public, it seems like many more questions have not been answered as Kenyans push for more accountability.

The comments after the statement was issued. [Photo: Njenga H]

The comments after the statement was issued. [Photo: Njenga H]


The CS has been issuing several statements regarding her ministry and this becomes the latest. It however does not seem to quell the push for her to resign to pave way f0r investigations.

A number of CSs have stepped aside over corruption in the last few months but Waiguru has opted to stay put. She has defended her integrity saying that if there is any link to her misconduct, then she will be willing to step aside.

Only time will tell if the statement on Wednesday will suffice to have her stay in office.