Patrick Safari (@moderncorps) who was arrested, held and charged for sending a false tweet involving Bothai police vehicle has been freed of the charge after the case was withdrawn. The complainant is Chrispus Mutali, a senior superintendent of police and coordinating commander in Lamu County. He had said that the tweet was untrue.

Patrick Safari aka ‘Modern Corps’ arrested and charged for ‘annoying tweet’

He was accused to have sent the alert on his Twitter account on July 8th, 2015 that the Bothai police vehicle was heading to Hindi, Lamu County with 6 officers when they were hit by a landmine. Five police officers were rescued but one was missing.

He however denied the charge.

Safari was  released after paying sh100,000 bond with surety of a similar amount.

He is happy with this move and affirmed that he will continue updating security updates as they are crucial for the country. He added that many police officers across the country trust him with the information they give him and he does not intend to betray the trust nor look away as Kenyans keep suffering from the poor state of the security situation in the country.

His constant updates had earlier made him moved from Nairobi to Samburu, but this has not to affected his security alerts both on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.