Deputy President William Ruto has filed a defamation case against activist Boniface Mwangi over a tweet terming it false and malicious.

In his suit papers filed today, Ruto wants the court to compel Boniface to delete the message, posted on September 28, and publish an apology.

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Through lawyer Kioko Kilukumi the DP says the apology and retraction should be given prominence on social media, newspapers and electronic media.

Boniface Mwangi had earlier declined to apologize and retract the tweet arguing that as long as he holds the office of Deputy President

he must accept that he will attract and continue to attract not only praise where it is due but also most robust criticism for any conduct or behavior that falls below the requirements of the Leadership and Integrity provisions set out in Chapter VI of the Constitution.

Boniface further said that the Deputy President has no reputation worth protecting or being injured.

Our client will seek to persuade the court that that he has no reputation worthy of the indulgence of a court of justice either in Kenya or elsewhere.


Ruto also wants him barred from ever publishing or posting on social media any defamatory material against him.

The Deputy President is further seeking damages for libel.