Money and sex keep the wheels of Kenyan politics turning (Photo/

Money and sex keep the wheels of Kenyan politics turning (Photo/

If you have paid any attention to the news lately, you know that several MPs are currently fighting allegations of bribery and sexual impropriety. The bribery claims involve allegations that some MPs were allegedly paid hush money to cover up the theft of billions of shillings from the public till by senior government officials.

The sexual impropriety allegations are more disturbing. They range from a male MP, Elisha Busienei of Turbo, making inappropriate sexual advances at Taita Taveta Women representative Joyce Lay, to the more disgusting allegations facing Imenti Central MP Gideon Mwiti who allegedly raped a female business associate after plying her with alcohol and subjecting her to a forced HIV test.

As shocking as these allegations are, a new piece in a continuing series by lawyer Capt (Rtd) Collins Wanderi reveals, with potentially explosive examples, why “money” and “sex” have always been the defining factors of how MPs get into power and how they stay there.

PART 5: Money and sex in Parliament.

Just recently, Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo sensationally claimed that she is in the National Assembly courtesy of a fake Party Nomination Certificate. She is not alone.

DMM was first elected to the 10th Parliament through a by-election. Three days to the primaries of the dominant party in his region, he was summoned to a meeting at **** Hotel along +++++ Avenue, Nairobi by his party’s National Officials through an emissary. He was informed that the party had conducted a “scientific poll” in his Constituency and the results indicated that either he or TRM, one of his main challengers could win the party nominations. He was bluntly told that he was required to give the sum of sh8 million to one of the mandatory signatories if he wanted the Nomination Certificate and if not, his opponent would get it.

He first sought an assurance that he would get the certificate if he paid the money and the mandatory signatory responded this way; “this is our party, we print the ballot papers, deliver them to polling stations manned by our people; presiding officers, the returning officer and counting agents, we know what to do….”. He negotiated the amount to sh5 million since it was a by-election and almost 50 percent of the term was over. He delivered the money in cash and sure enough, he got his certificate and won the seat. In March 2013 he was easily re-elected because he was in the right party and knew what to do and who to talk to.

In December 2012, ‘hOn’ DMM introduced BCN (a person I have known since 1992) to a National Official of his party. BCN had unsuccessfully vied for a Parliamentary seat twice; 2002 & 2007. In 2007/08 elections he had told me and another friend that he spent 22 Million in the campaign but he still lost. In January 2013, the party officials told him that if gave sh10 million he would get the certificate and that the Party Leader would be persuaded to personally campaign for him before and after the nominations. He negotiated this amount to sh9 million and he subsequently “won” both the Party Primaries and the General Election.

According to Hansard reports; “hOns” DMM & BCN have never uttered a single word during debates in the 11th Parliament (National Assembly); risen on a point of order or even asked a question. These two fellows spend most of their time in a Private Member’s Club whiling away time with nubile college girls. And they still earn their almost sh1.1 million salaries. Now you know why some people opt to avoid the primaries of the dominant regional/tribal party and opt to run as independents or via nondescript parties.

The next (POSSIBLE) and juicier expose is a bit tricky; a married woman who is a Women Representative currently exchanging letters (through Lawyers) with her estranged husband over care, custody & maintenance of their children. Since the matter may soon spill into the Courts of Law, and Professional Ethics dictate; I exercise restraint and say no more. The details that led to their estrangement are rather gory & mind boggling – a Governor is part of the mix!

 The author is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and the Chairman Kenya Institute of Forensic Auditors. You can follow him on Twitter @DecaptainCFE.