imageLamu County is an important cultural and heritage place in Kenya. Due to it’s importance, the entire Lamu Island is a protected UNESCO heritage site. During the Easter Weekend, Lamu held its inaugural Food Festival. An event that drew visitors from far and wide to sample Lamu’s culture through its food.

This unique event comes at a time when Lamu’s economy has been ravaged by terrorism following Mpeketoni attacks and killings which brought its vibrant tourism to a grinding halt. Recently, the United Kingdom government issued a stern travel advisory to its citizens against travelling to Lamu, further worsening the situation.

Nevertheless, the food festival was a success and the beauty of Lamu is undisputed as shared in these photos.

Lamu Island Food Festival

A silhouette of men getting on one of the public boats that is used to ferry people to Lamu


Lamu Food Festival

A young boy cycles in an empty jetty walkway. One of Lamu’s On the sidewalls are donkeys trying to escape the midday heat.


Lamu Food Festival Pictures

An man goes down the stairs  of Lamu Fort where the food festival was taking place.


Lamu Island Donkey

Donkeys are all the transport you get in Lamu Island.


Lamu Island, Lamu Fort

Ladies observing from the windows of rooms across the Lamu fort, where the cooking competition organised by the Lamu county government was taking place.


Lamu Food Festival, Chef Ali

Chef Ali, a popular chef reaches over to taste food where he was a judge at the cooking contest.


Lamu Island

Fishermen deep at sea wait for their baited lines to catch fish. Fishing is a major economic activity for Lamu men.


Lamu Food Festival

Some of the spices that were in use at the food festival.


Lamu Beach

A speed boat cruising on the surface of the blue waters of Lamu carrying tourists passes by the sand dunes on Lamu beach.


Lamu Island Donkey

A boy helps a man give a donkey a bath in the shallow waters of the Ocean while another watches.


Lamu County Donkey Pageant

Boys and a donkey follow the donkey pageant, one of the activities that was organised by Lamu County.



Dhows sail back to the Island at dusk after a day out fishing.

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