Mimi spot snip

The face of the mimispot.com page meant for discussions on issues in the county. Other information technology based platforms that are currently being used to keep the county government on track include Facebook and Whatsup…

A local interactive online platform has been introduced in Nakuru. The platform known as mimispot.com allows users to discuss local relevant issues online and also share photos.

“The unique factor with mimispot.com is that it shows you the distance from where the other person is posting in kilometers,” explained Mr. Paul Mvuria who is spearheading the project in Kenya.

Mvuria who also owns a company that makes documentaries in Netherlands was speaking at a hotel in Nakuru when he met Chief Francis Kariuki and Martin Macharia who will lead the introduction of the platform in the County.

Apart from Nakuru mimispot.com has also been launched in Nairobi, Mombasa, Thika, Kibera, Kariobangi, Dandora, Kwale and Kasarani.

“Nakuru people are very receptive and vibrant on social media. We expect they will take up the platform and revolutionize its use like Chief Kariuki did with twitter,”

commented Mvuria while explaining why chose to launch the platform in Nakuru.

Mimispot was introduced in Kenya in January this year after South Africa and Zambia. The use of mimispot is not widely spread currently partly due to ignorance of its existence and partly due to normal product growth dynamics.

“If more people can come on board, we can use the platform to discuss locally relevant issues. It has no character limit like twitter and since it uses a low bandwidth even a person with a low end internet enabled phone can use it,” explained Mvuria.

Chief Kariuki has promised to explore the platform for ways in which it can serve the community and make a positive impact.

“For me, serving the community comes first and am open to new ideas that improve my productivity,” said Chief Kariuki.

The byline for mimispot.com is “Talk and Trade” and apart from discussions it allows a registered user to sell products and services online for free.

Posts on mimispot.com can also be shared on Twitter, Facebook or by email. From the interface, a user can invite friends to join either through SMS or e-mail.

Apart from this new platform other platforms that are being used by residents to discuss the issues affecting residents in the county include facebook and whatsup. A month ago the Constitution and Reforms Education Consortium (CRECO) also launched an initiative dubbed ‘Jukumu Letu’ aimed at sensitizing the community towards taking a leading role in the implementation of the constitution.

By Martin Gicinga