By Tibo Deo

Most people called him the tiny bird, messenger, some the confused village boy while others called him a wise boy.  He was everything you needed to know about the updated political prevailing situations of the community.  I would name him but I liked calling him by his name’- I’mana.

I’mana was young and energetic… he worked and lived beyond the expectations of his age.  His motives and selfless deeds really changed the way everyone viewed leadership and livelihood in the community.  He always had information and trends of his community.

He interacted with his siblings, neighbours, parents, schoolmates, people above his age and watched television.  This helped him compare the information to get authenticity and would share it with anyone he met.  This is why most people loved him and others thought he was too much or his age.

Something special stood out in him.  What made me love him more is when he organised members of his scout’s club to form “long sight eye wide ear association”.  The association was meant to spread positive messages to the community.  It also organised promotions for a better community that feeds on truth and togetherness.  This all started as a joke to many but when the message spread all over the community, we all got pleased and joined the association.  This was no longer an association but a communal affair where leaders and everyone had one goal for the better living. 

I remember his speech during the launch of the association.  When he stood everyone cheered as he walked fast through a small crowd.  He stood on top of a table so that everyone could see him. “Am so excited and honoured to see you all here,” he said. 

“Today is a great day for our association, the scouts, and this community.  We hope and believe for the betterment of everyone. From today, we believe in working and living together in tranquillity as one family.  We wrap the past that carried hatred, wrangles, lies, hypocrisy and everything that retards growth.  We hope for a true and meaningful living today and tomorrow.” Everyone continued listening to his long speech and narratives.  He also invited members of his association for introduction and recognition.  This was a new Era.

With the influence of the association, ‘ MY VIEW’ – a free website and app were launched by the leaders. Through this, the community would watch over each other to promote growth and fight negativity.  They would share ideas and use the platform to live as one family.  Healthcare, Education, Entrepreneurship, Governance, Religion and other public benefit facilities were given high priority.  The community became everybody’s responsibility.