The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) has been permitted to operationalize the Civil Aviation (Regulatory Fees Charged for Unmanned Aircraft Systems) after they were acceded by the National Assembly on March 6th 2021.

The Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development and public works has gazetted the charges which will pave way for the operation of the unmanned aircraft systems.

Kenya Civil Association Authority Director General Captain Gilbert Kibe said The gazettement of the regulations heralds a new era in the country’s aviation ecosystem by opening up the sector to innovations.

He added, “innovation in Unmanned Aircraft Systems has been growing at a big rate and the uses of this technology are limitless. Such positive uses include the filming of documentaries, sports, movies, and weddings.”

Individuals or entities that may have already imported the systems or would like to own and operate them are encouraged to register with KCAA and pay a fee of Ksh.3000 so as to lawfully own and engage in safe drone operations.

The charges are a reduction from the revoked rates under the Kenya Civil Aviation Regulations-2017.

Some of these operations that are set benefit include precision agriculture, crop spraying and data collection, forest management, building, dams, an inspection of power grids, and many more.

KCAA will also be undertaking public sensitization on the application and implication of the regulations.

The Civil Aviation (UAS) Regulations, 2020 categorizes drones based on the risks posed by their operations. The purpose of the UAS, risks to public safety and security are the three categories that form the basis for consideration in registration, approval, and authorization for operations