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From his days as a Jubilee strategist, Moses Kuria’s rise to notoriety is a matter of public knowledge. He was in and out of court last year, charged with incitement to violence, hate speech and fanning ethnic hatred through comments on his social media accounts.

Things got to a head when the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and National Cohesion Integration Commission wanted Kuria to be  jailed as he was frustrating attempts to resolve the matter out of court. The DPP went as far as applying for Kuria’s bail to be cancelled as he had posted more hateful comments as his case was going on. His case will be brought up on the 9th and 10th of September this year.

However, it seems like he has learned nothing despite his public apologies for previous remarks, some of which were published in newspapers.

In a new video,

Moses Kuria telling Gatundu people that they should cut anyone criticising NYS with a panga

Posted by Robert Alai Onyango on Monday, 6 July 2015


Kuria addressing his constituents in Gikuyu language, he tells people to use pangas to ‘chop’ those that are opposing NYS. He made the remarks in his constituency when addressing the youth in a NYS recruitment drive.

Speaking to the media later, Kuria was unapologetic saying he had done nothing wrong and claimed his remarks were aimed at those trying to destabilize the NYS project.

“The days when they would say whatever they want and no one would answer them are long gone”

he said in regard to the opposition leaders.

His remarks have drawn ire from social media users in Kenya. The hashtags #MosesKuria #ArrestMosesKuria and #KillMosesKuria have been trending in the last 24 hours.

His repeated remarks have rubbed many the wrong way and Kenyans are tired of his hateful speech. The lack of action on the NCIC part has also been brought to focus considering that Moses Kuria is a repeat offender.

A few of the social media users disagreed that his remarks were wrong arguing that he has a right to expression.

His remarks also do the NYS no favors with all the allegations of massive corruption and nepotism that have put the NYS in negative light since the beginning of last month. From payments to shadowy suppliers, massive procurement, hacking of the IFMIS accounts, supply of imported foodstuffs to internal power wrangle; NYS is an organisation that is under scrutiny.

Will Kuria be made to answer for his remarks in accordance to the law? Kenyans do not seem optimistic that will happen.